Read more than you write. In expressing the ambition to be a writer, you are committing yourself to the community of other writers. Your originality will mean nothing unless you can understand the originality of others. What we call originality is little more than the fine blending of influences.

Be ruthless in your use of what you’ve seen and what you’ve experienced. Add your imagination, so that where invention ends and reality begins is undetectable.

Be courageous. Nothing human should be far from you.

Maison Martin Margiela “Smells Like Memories” exhibition by ‘Obscura’ Magazine

Alex PragerFace in the Crowd
This night was life’s way of apologizing for all the shitty days it gave me. Also tyvm HAIM for making my first GA experience the best one ever they are literally goddesses

Lame .gif of Lorde, Katy Perry and Este Haim dancing to Happy on stage during Pharrell Williams’ concert at 2014 Coachella (x)
<---DONT REMOVE---->